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What is Planning Permission in the Wigan Area

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Planning Applications in Wigan

Planning permission is consent from Wigan’s Local Planning Authority to construct new buildings or make extensive changes to existing buildings. The planning permissions system is designed to control inappropriate development in an area. If your project involves creating a new building, adding a large outbuilding or house extension, it will need to go through this process and the team at urban Archiworx are here to help.

Obtaining full planning permission in Wigan gives you the advantage and peace of mind that your building’s size, aesthetic and location have all been approved by Wigan’s local council and you will have an approval D document stating this once planning permission has been granted be the Planning department

If the project you are thinking of is smaller than a full-scale new build (such as a loft conversion or small extension), permitted development may allow for these improvements without planning permission being necessary. However, there are strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Prior checks can be done easily, though the correct channels and our Planning Consultants and architecture team at Urban Archiworx can help with this also. We are here to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to planning permission and applications.

How do I get planning permission granted in the Wigan Area:

  • The general form of planning application will always vary depending on the project. Generally, an application should include copies of application forms, the signed ownership certificate, a site plan, block plan and elevations of both the existing and proposed sites, floor plans and the correct application fee. The fee for submitting planning application varies depending on the nature of the development and may also include design and access statements. Our architecture team in Wigan can take you through all of the expected application fees for your project.

    Planning permission can be subject to certain planning conditions which need to be agreed upon and then actioned within a certain time limit. Failure to do this can result in a ‘breach of condition notice’. We are here to help you avoid any breaches like this an to ensure your construction project goes as smoothly as possible.

    Once an application has been submitted it then needs to go through a public consultation process, which involves notice of the intended construction being given to other people within the affected area. Planning applications can be an extensive process. To gain planning permission in writing can take around 8 weeks or even up to 12 weeks in some cases. Our team at Urban Archiworx want to ensure you are well informed and have any help and advice needed during the process.

Before Starting Work
Please take time to contact an Architectural Service who may be able to indicate whether or not you require planning permission.

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Planning Permission Application

Useful information

  • Your planning decision should take no longer than eight weeks from the point of application.
  • The objections of neighbours does not always have an impact on the final decision.
  • You can withdraw an application at any time. If you believe you may get a refusal, you can withdraw at anytime up to the day itself and re-submit free of charge.
  • You can submit an infinite number of planning applications on any one site and choose which one to use. As long as it is valid, you don’t have to use the most recent.

Building Regulations | Wigan

As stated above, the basic form of a planning application will always vary from site to site. Applications need to include the documents mentioned above and may also need a Design and Access statement. This statement is used to justify a proposal’s design concept and the access to it. The level of detail depends on the scale of the project and it’s sensitivity. Most Local Authorities including Wigan will have guidance notes regarding Building Regulations, but to ensure you have the right advice and information, why not contact Urban Archiworx Design team for help?

We will guide you through all of the associated application costs, everything that you need to know about your planning permission application and how to get the best chance of approval.

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House extension plans and drawings

Our planning permission plans process


Start by consulting with one of our Warrington Architecture team to discuss your project requirements, objectives, and any constraints or regulations that may apply. Then a site survey will be conducted


A conceptional design will be drafted. Where one our Warrington architectural designers will design all detailed planning drawings, that will include site plans, sections & floor plans.


Prepare and submit your planning application, including the planning permission drawings, to Warrington’s local planning authority. Making sure to include any required forms, fees, and supporting documents as specified by the authority.


If your planning application in the Warrington area is approved, you will receive planning permission to proceed with your proposed development. You can then use the approved planning permission drawings to obtain building regulations approval and begin construction